Our hope and aims for this section of the site are:

  • To increase the public awareness of Arachnoiditis, using all the resources available to us.
  • To do so without causing panic.
  • To act as an information highway for anybody with a back complaint.
  • To win recognition of Osteopathy by the National Health Service and add it to the list of treatments they provide.
  • To offer an advisory service for possible sufferers, but we cannot and will not diagnose their condition.
  • To provide Health & Safety advice for non-sufferers, with the aim of avoiding the condition.
  • To open up a dialogue with fellow sufferers not only in the UK, but around the world, and to provide an open forum for them.
  • To carry out our aims with tact, in a non-hysterical fashion, with a sense of humour, but never in a mood of despair.

Mike Feehan

Our Stories

Please take a look at some of our members stories.  You might gain some encouragement from what they have to say.


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