Most Pain Clinics will have a psychiatric specialist or nurse attached who can help us adjust to our new situation and the huge weight of pain that is compressing our spirits. I was lucky, I happen to live with a qualified Counsellor so I did not have the embarrassment of having to ask for help, it came to me.

If you are like me it takes a bomb to shift us into any doctor's firing range. You also probably hate the idea of having to admit it when the life plan as gone pearshaped and there is a smidgen of self doubt and guilt because some medic has hinted that our physical situation is somehow our fault.

Naturally that is not true and never will be, but, it can haunt and hurt us to the same degree mentally as our other symptoms do physically. Personally, I have thrown the respect, which I was taught to have for the "noble professions", out of the window, and, whilst I recognise that it not true for all medical specialists it is certainly true of a large number of Neurosurgeons.

All I am suggesting is that you don't dismiss the idea of Pain Management outright or deny yourself the real support that can be obtained with a good counsellor. In doing so you are not admitting to any deficit in your psychiatric make up, or in your cognitive abilities.What you will be doing is admitting that you have had a new life situation thrust upon you and therefore need some help to adjust to it and bring it under your control instead of being a victim. Think about it, that's all I am suggesting.

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