There non pharmaceutical devices that have proved to be of use for some sufferers, but I go back to the feather duster for those that are implanted – though this is personal choice – others may find them ideal. So we are talking about TENS machines and Neuro-stimulators. I have tried the first and it was not a good experience for me, but we all differ.

These will be known to your Pain Specialist so don't let him go without mentioning them and do get him to go through the pros and cons with you. I hope that from the day you found out how you contracted ARC you have not regard any doctor as if he/she is infallible or assume that they have told everything, they are very often only too fallible and will only tell you that which they want to, to do otherwise might cause extra costs or extra work. Seriously please ensure that they give you plenty of information and don't automatically trust them.

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