Two of the stranger devices I have successfully tried for the pain are hot cushions. These contain dried cereal grains. The cushion is then heated in the microwave for a couple of minutes and then applied to the most painful area. Very soothing indeed.

You can also buy vibrating cushions, will ya stop with the laughter now! I have used one to help with the sitting on concrete feeling that you get from time to time. It worked, didn't have the money to buy the company though.

Drivers soother. The experiment with the above being so successful that just before Christmas 2002 whilst out shopping for presents. I spotted a contraption for drivers which fits over the car seat and provides a couple of vibrating packs in the shoulder area and the butt, besides having a warmer placed about the lower back. It was only £30, well within the budget, and has proved invaluable since and has, obviously replaced the two above. Hope you got this far!

Shopping naturally has it's own delights for the ARC sufferer – "Will ya get me outa here before the next person who hits my ankles with their trolley ends up taking a flight!" – sort of thing. Now, in a lot of places in the UK a scheme called, "Shop Mobility", provides those disabled scooters for shoppers to take the weight off of your feet and the strain from your back. If there is not one in your area campaign for one. It is government funded.

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