On your own initiative you could also try acupuncture, hypno-therapy, reiki healing (I live with a healer - helps me loads), cranial sacral therapy and hydrotherapy, these are just a few of the alternative treatments which have worked for some and that may help in addition to your medication.

I personally recommend the last one, it is a doddle, just take yourself away to a hot/warm pool in hot/warm surroundings and float around on your back for a half hour or so. You just won't believe the difference, just don't allow yourself to get cold at any time, that would ruin the whole effort. It is probable that, if you ask, you will find that there is a hydrotherapy pool in your area.

I have also used Osteopaths and found that they can help by keeping the muscle structure of the back supple, just be careful to ensure that they know all of your medical history before they start. I have used it on a weekly basis and it certainly did help me, as did the hydrotherapy.

Obviously none of these can cure you or take away the entire pain burden, but they can assist you. Even if they do nothing more than help you to relax it would be a positive step forward.

Obviously there is a cost factor in all of these and probably the hydrotherapy would be the cheapest and easiest option, usually there is a centre for the disabled in most areas and they tend to have these hydrotherapy pools. Maybe with better access (I live way out in the sticks) you could fit in a half hour a day, if it works for you.

What ever you choose to do, remember to inform your doctors about it first. It is all right me prattling on about it over an internet connection. I don't see or experience your suffering at close quarters, they, I hope, do. I just don't want to lead you down a dangerous path.

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