Now these are some suggestions about the home environment and again are simple and pretty easy to carry through. Firstly, ensure all electrical sockets on the walls are at waist level, an immediate improvement on the amount of bending down to be done and you don't need to rewire place to make it work for you. Most of those extension cables you see in electrical stores have placements on the reverse side for hanging them up.

Ramps at entrance and exit ways are easier for a person in pain to cope with, steps are a nightmare. In the UK these ramps and hand rails can be installed for nothing by the Council, contact their Welfare Officer to get the ball rolling. If there are enough rooms, it might be an idea to use a downstairs room as a bedroom, cuts out a huge obstacle - the stairs.

A level entry shower, again no steps to negotiate and an investment for the future when a wheelchair might be in use. Some councils in the UK do provide funding for these too and some other disabled devices which we discuss further down. However, that funding only covers two thirds or three quarters of the job and the disability equation has pushed costs upwards, I cannot afford it. What I can afford to do is change the taps for a mixer unit and a shower head, all I then need is something to sit on and a Jude to ensure that I don't go base over apex getting in and out.

Move the storage facilities to a height between waist and chest that you can reach them easily. The refrigerator - move all the stuff in daily use up to a level you can easily cope with. Those are just a few ideas for reducing pain generating tasks in the home, I am sure you can and will come up with a footlocker full of others.

In order for yours to help others please email them to me for inclusion on a page of such, "Tips and Tricks", including that term in your subject line, obviously your name and not mine will adorn your own suggestions.

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