Direct injury to the spine. Dyes used in diagnostic tests. Infection from bacteria or viruses. Complications from spinal surgery or other invasive spinal procedures


·         Spinal surgery

·         Myelographic dyes   (Oil-based dyes such as Myodil (Pantopaque) and Water-based dyes such as Iopamidol)

·         Epidural steroid injections (Such as Depo-Medrol, Depo-Medrone)

·         Epidural anaesthesia

·         Multiple lumbar punctures

·         Blood Patches used to stop CSF leaks.

·         Trauma

·         Viral, Fungal and Bacterial Infections (Such as Meningitis, Tuberculosis, HIV)

·         Subarachnoid haemorrhage

·         Spinal Stenosis

·         Chronic disc prolapsed


** Although multiple lumbar punctures can cause and irritate Arachnoiditis, sometimes they are necessary to find out and treat some Viral/Fungal and Bacterial causes of Arachnoiditis **

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